What we do


Law firms, like companies across the United States, are at increasing risk of cyberattacks and harm as the use of technology expands.  Abrams CyberLaw & Forensics LLC is uniquely positioned to help law firms assess, manage and mitigate their internal and external cyber risks as well as to provide co-counsel services to assist law firms serve clients in cases involving electronic privacy violations, cyber-defamations, telecommunications, data security breaches and cyber-security policy.

Our team is well-versed on the legal and regulatory environment that impacts cyber law cases, particularly those dealing with electronic privacy violations, cyber defamations hacking and other data security breaches.

Not only can we offer co-counsel services on complex technology issues to law firms, but our team has been providing innovative and reliable forensic examination services on computers and mobile devices since 1998.  We now offer e-discovery services from cloud sources, such as webmail and cloud storage, and social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We offer affordable cyber-security audits and develop custom-tailored data security policies that can enhance your firm’s data security and liability protection.