Cyber security


With our background in technical computer forensics and the law, our team offers unique skill sets to help law firms and corporate clients to manage issues of digital security and cyberattacks.  Because the legal aspects of information management are complex, we work with law firms and other clients to provide case strategies and internal safeguards to help to manage risks to promote internet safety and keep private information private.

Some key services we provide to companies and law firms include:

Cyber security audits to outline the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your computer system.

Penetration testing in which we try to break into your system to expose pathways that hackers might try to exploit.

Development of privacy and data security policies and drafting of legal advice to make your information technology hub stronger and more robust.

Advice on dealing with data breaches, internal policies, potential litigation and enforcement actions.

Our investigators have experience that will help thwart, mitigate and resolve computer attacks.  We provide successful internet tracing services that help clients and firms deal with cybersecurity issues and threats by providing positive identification of anonymous cyber actors.

Additionally, our team has a state-of-the-art digital forensics lab and uses advanced mobile data collection technology that allows recovery of evidence from a broad array of digital electronic devices, including deleted data and text messages.

Working closely with state and federal law enforcement officials our legal investigators have completed more than 1,100 forensic investigations in cyber law and cyber security matters centered on Internet privacy violations, anonymous electronic defamation, theft of trade secrets and hacking.

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